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Nordic Walking is Your Perfect Solution to a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

From: Paul Collins MSc MCSP INWA Instructor
Nordic Walking Tick Burn 20-50% more calories than normal walking
Nordic Walking Tick Exercise 90% of YOUR muscles at the same time
Nordic Walking Tick The Ideal Weight Loss Solution
Nordic Walking Tick Excellent Health Benefits without the Aches and
Nordic Walking Tick

Proven to Help Arthritis, Back Pain, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Muscle
Soreness, Heart Conditions and MUCH more!

Nordic Walking Made Easy

Learn Nordic Walking Without Taking a Single Lesson with Our Interactive
Video Package

Dear Nordic Walking Enthuiast,

As you probably already know, nordic walking is one of the the fastest
growing form of exercise worldwide. This is because it works!

Whether you are looking to start Nordic walking as a new hobby, a form
of exercise or to help with your rehabilitation and exercise goals then
this is definitely for you.

The "Nordic Walking Made Easy" Package gives you instant access to
exclusive nordic walking material saving you money, time and allowing
you to learn at your own pace.

The Ideal Weight Loss Solution

Nordic Walking has been proven to give you a total body workout,
spreading the work across the whole body without stressing your joints.

Nordic Walking works more of the body than Normal Walking:

Nordic Walking Muscles Used

Nordic Walking burns more calories per hour than Normal Walking:

Nordic Walking Calories Comparison

Above: Research courtesy of Wikipedia 2010

Giving You Endless Health Benefits

Nordic walking is easily accessible and you dont even need to go to the
gym to do it. All ages and levels of fitness can Nordic Walk as the
workout can be tailored to suit you.

Doctors and Medical Specialists from all around the world highly
recommend it to promote a healthier lifestyle. If you have any of the
following conditions, nordic walking can definitely help you:

Nordic Walking Tick Arthritis
Nordic Walking Tick Heart Conditions
Nordic Walking Tick Lower Back Pain
Nordic Walking Tick Upper Back Pain
Nordic Walking Tick Obesity
Nordic Walking Tick Neck and Shoulder Tension

Nordic Walking Tick Difficulty Walking
Nordic Walking Tick Sciatica
Nordic Walking Tick Osteoporosis
Nordic Walking Tick Muscle soreness
Nordic Walking Tick Headaches
Nordic Walking Tick Stress and Anxiety

Nordic Walking Makes You Feel
Better Day to Day!

Recent research has shown that when people exercise outdoors in the
countryside and amongst natural beauty and wildlife, feelings of a
higher state of wellbeing are facilitated.

This evidence supports the use of Nordic walking for people with
reduced mood states, feelings of fatigue, malaise, lethargy and
depression. The social aspect of Nordic walking in a group helps you
meet new people and share stories whilst enjoying exercise at the same

Nordic walking also helps your body to release endorphins. These
endorphins help to give you a "feeling of well-being" and are also
linked with pain reduction in people with elevated levels of stress.


The following is written by a person who has been helped drastically
through Nordic Walking:

"I started Nordic walking as a form of rehabilitation after suffering a
stroke where I lost co-ordination used in everyday tasks that I had
taken for granted. In this case i had problems walking.

Nordic walking improved my posture and balance more than any other
physiotherapy or exercises I was doing at the time. I had a noticeable
limp when I walked normally as an effect of the stroke; this
disappeared after a few nordic walking sessions.
Nordic walking was especially good for me because of a host of reasons.
I couldn't run but I was burning more calories than I would be walking

My upper body was getting the same work out my legs were. I was getting
out and about in the fresh air which is so much better than working out
in a gym.
The result is you feel like you have achieved something worthwhile and
I felt I had definitely got value for my money.
I largely credit the Nordic Walking for helping me to make such a quick
recovery, and will recommend it to anyone interested in keeping fit."

Nordic Walking Testimonial

Daniel Thompson dannythomp5on(at)hotmail


The following is written by a person who has also been helped
drastically through Nordic Walking:

"I cannot commend Nordic walking made easy enough.

Following my first sessions in nordic walking i began to feel
differences immediately! I used to walk without poles and found it too
easy...I needed an exercise which works you harder than walking but
doesn't involve the aches and pains you get from jogging.

I have recently returned to Nordic walking and within a fortnight or so
began to notice benefits, from improved posture, reducing neck pain,
enthusiasm and weight loss.

I am now combining my nordic and conventional walking."

Nordic Walking Testimonial

Dennis Simpson

Is This Package for You?

Do YOU find it hard to stay motivated when trying to achieve your
weight loss goals?

Are YOU paying out money on Monthly Memberships fee's or expensive

Do YOU find it hard to get down the gym?

Are YOU Finding it hard to find a Nordic Walking Instructor near you?

Are YOU struggling to find the time to exercise?

Have you Forgot that Exercise should be FUN?

Nordic Walking Made Easy Saves YOU Time, Money and it's Fun!

By ordering our package today, we can guarantee that you:

You can learn Nordic Walking Step by Step at your own pace!

You can learn by reading our guide, listening to the audio mp3's and
watching our videos... it's easy!

Ideal Weight Loss Solution - Burn 20-50% more calories than normal

Total Body Workout - Exercise ([DEL: 70% :DEL] ) 90% of YOUR muscles at
the same time

Feel Great - Nordic walking helps your body to release endorphins.

Huge Medical Benefits - Proven to Help Arthritis, Back Pain, Sciatica,
Osteoporosis, Muscle Soreness, Heart Conditions and MUCH more!

Improve Posture - Enables you to take up a more upright and less
slouched position!

Save Money - With just 1 easy payment, you will get everything you need
(And more) to Start Nordic Walking!

Here's What You Get When You Order

Nordic Walking Made Easy Today

Nordic Walking Made Easy

1. Nordic Walking Made Easy - eGuide with over 80 pictures (83 pages)

This eGuide includes everything you need to know about Nordic Walking
and more. It is an exhaustive guide about the ins and out of Nordic
Walking, tuition, technique, benefits, warm up, cool down, poles,
history of the sport and much, much more!

Here is what you are going to get in the eGuide:
1. Introduction to the Book
2. Introduction to the Author
3. Introduction to Nordic walking
4. Health Benefits
5. Fitness Benefits
6. Medical Benefits
7. Nordic Walking Poles
8. History of Nordic Walking
9. The Warm up
10. Warm up exercises (Dynamic)
11. Flexibility exercises (Static)
12. Technique of Nordic walking
13. Uphill and downhill Nordic walking
14. Measuring Exercise intensity
15. Measuring hydration status
16. Questions related to Nordic Walking
17. Instructor Website
18. General Safety

Nordic Walking eBook

2. Video Series - Consisting of 16 videos

An informative tuition series taking you step by step through technique
of Nordic Walking. Whether you have tried Nordic Walking before, wish
to be an instructor or are a complete newbie. The Video series will be
all you need. Unique and exlusive footage never seen before.
1. Introduction
2. Height of the Pole and Pole Strap
3. Warm Up
4. Nordic Walking without the poles
5. Carrying the Poles
6. Dragging the Poles
7. Planting the Poles
8. Pulling to the Hip
9. Pushing Past the Hip
10. Pushing through the Strap
11. Nordic Walking Technique
12. Uphill Technique
13. Downhill Technique
14. Running with the Poles
15. Cross Country into Prairie Dog
16. Cool Down / Flexibility

16 Video Series

3. Interactive MP3 Stream - Play on your mp3, iPod or any music player.

This interactive mp3 steam takes you from start to finish, including
over 30 minutes of content.

Covering the warm up, cool down including flexibility exercises and
stretching especially made for Nordic Walking.

4. Over 100 Nordic Walking Images - Giving you snapshots of Nordic
Walking, going into detail about the techniques, pole sizes, handles,
straps, grips and much more. Including tables showing workout
intensities, interval training and hydration information.

Why is it Best for Me to Use Nordic Walking Made Easy?

1 to 1 Tuition

Group Sessions

Nordic Walking Made Easy Package
* Learn when suits you: morning, day or night

* Learn anywhere: At home, outside

Learn however best suits you:

* Reading

* Audio

* Visual

* Active Involvement

* Revisit a lesson for FREE

* Learn Nordic Walking Wind, Rain or Snow

* No Travel Costs

* Learn at your own speed

* One Single Payment

* Instant Access to the Full Course

* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cost per lesson




Total Cost




Order Now for Instant Access

Please note that there are a limited number of copies for the special
price of just $29.95. When this number has been reached, we will be
raising the price to $99.95 (Which is still GREAT value!).

Order Now to secure your Nordic Walking Made Easy package and start
feeling the benefits of nordic walking immediately.

Nordic Walking Made Easy

Only [DEL: $99.95 :DEL] $29.95


Bonus - Purchase Today and Receive for FREE (Worth $27):

Walking for Fitness 105 page eBook

You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to learn how to fitness
walk successfully with Walking for Fitness. You will feel more
confident and secure when you master the incredible techniques
presented in this special report.

Your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will absolutely love Nordic Walking Made
Easy. If you buy today, right now... You are covered by our no
questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

Enjoy the benefits of Nordic Walking right now without any risk.

PS. This is a time limited offer and the price will go up to $99.95 in
the future.

PPS. You have no risk if you buy today, as you are covered by our 60
day, no questions asked. 100% money back guarantee.

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